ReSound Hearing aids Mumbai

Resound Hearing aids in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai - Amro Hearing Care

ReSound hearing aids are part of The GN Group, a global leader in smart audio solutions. While ReSound is headquartered in Denmark, their hearing aids can be found in more than 80 countries. ReSound prides itself on giving people the ability to hear more, to do more, and to be better than anyone else, even if it is possible with new hearing aids.

At Amro Hearing Care Clinic Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, we sell a full range of ReSound hearing aids at discounted prices. Our most popular ReSound hearing aids include the recently released ReSound LiNX Quattro line and ReSound LiNX 3D Customs. ReSound produces hearing aids that contain all the most popular features in today’s market including smartphone (bluetooth streaming), recharge, invisible design, tinnitus management, and more! The LiNX Quattro comes as a rechargeable hearing aid, which integrates bluetooth capabilities, while the LiNX custom hearing aids are so small that they are invisible to any viewer.