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Signia Hearing Aid Prices 2022

What is Signia Hearing Aid 2022?

Sivantos, Inc. is a United States corporation of the Sivantos Group, which operates the world headquarters in Singapore. Sivantos Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Hearing Aids – Amro Hearing Care Clinic Mumbai

Which is the Best Hearing Aids in Signia 2022?

What is the Best Hearing Aids in Signia 2022? - Amro Hearing Care

Signia Pure Charge & Go AX Hearing Aids

Pure Charge & Go AX is the latest Signia product and the first product to be launched at the new Augmented Xperience (AX) company. Launched in May 2021, Pure Charge & Go AX offers fewer benefits than its predecessor, Pure Charge & Go X.

Pure Charge & Go AX At-a-Glance
New compatibility for Android smart phone
There are two processors to process different speech sounds and environment
110% increase in binaural audio transmission rate on new e2e wireless 4.0
60% reduction in binaural latency *
22% increase in rechargeable battery life *
Flexible width of input mounted
Currently offered only in RIC style, both with t-coil on and off and the CROS version.
It is available in 3 different technology levels, 7AX, 5AX and 3AX and 7 offers the highest number of channels and technology.

Compared to their previous generation of product platform Xperience (X).

While we will not go into every aspect of this product as many are now at the forefront of the industry such as directing, noise reduction, audio segmentation and the presence of a smart phone app; let’s take a look at some of the key features of the product:

Smart Phone Compatibility

Charge & Go Pure AX offers both Apple and Android streaming compatibility. Android integration is the first of its kind in Signia, but Android connectivity has long been available to other manufacturers. This is a major step for the company as, according to Statista, about 50 percent of the U.S. smartphones market. by Android. Android Live Streaming is accessed via the ASHA protocol (Audio Streaming Audio). For a list of smart phones compatible with the Signia AX platform, see here.

Charge & Go Pure AX microphones do not input when talking to the phone. While on the phone, you will still need to talk to the phone. However, this is true of many hearing aid manufacturers (the exception is Phonak Paradise). StreamLine Mic is a separate purchased device that allows hands-free calls with Pure AX Signia. The app also acts as a remote microphone.

Augmented Focus ™

According to Signia, for the first time, two different processors are used for the purpose of processing the sound you want to hear, as a conversation, in contrast to the surrounding sound. Long-term complaint of hearing aid users that hearing aids amplify all sounds equally; this technology is intended to allow you to focus on the sounds you want to hear while keeping the background noise minimal. This is achieved by processing the sound from the front of the listener separately from the sound coming from behind the listener. The obvious goal is to improve your comprehension of speech in noisy environments such as restaurants.


Signia has long provided charging hearing aids and has continued to make good use of that feature in this new product. The Pure Charge & Go AX is equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries designed to provide up to 36 hours of use for a large model (T AX) and telephone coil (T-coil) or up to 24 hours for a small number T. Coil version (AX) ). Signia says these numbers include 5 hours of live streaming time, which can remove batteries very quickly. Three different chargers are available depending on your needs and preferences: standard Pure charger, portable charger and Dry & Clean charger.

The Best Signia Hearing Aid Prices 2022

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