Unitron Hearing Aids Mumbai

Unitron Hearing Aids in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai - Amro Hearing Care Clinic.

The company that produces Unitron Hearing Aids is known for being very flexible, energetic, flexible and has no hearing problems. It is a world-class company dedicated to applying the latest technology in its products and creating the right balance between comfort, cost, and quality.

Unitron offers three different styles to choose from: behind the ear (BTE), ear (ITE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC):

Behind the ear: The BTE hearing aid is located behind the ear, with a curved piece attached to the ear to hold it in place. This type of hearing device is usually very large.

Ear: The ITE hearing aid is inserted inside the ear and is designed for each user. While some are quite large and fill the entire ear, others are more intelligent, yet they are still visible.

Receiver-in-Canal: The RIC hearing aid sits behind the ear like a BTE device, but includes a thin wire, running over the ear and into the ear canal. The device speaker resides in the canal.Amro hearing care clinic provide you doorstep service for all products of Unitron.